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Shear Madness

on 2014/02/28

Tomorrow, March 1st is the 1st installment of Shear Madness, on Nat Geo Wild at 10pm.  It’s the story about my friend Natalie Redding.  Here’s the NGW blip about it.  Please check it out.

Shear Madness takes us on the journey of city-girl-turned-sheep-farmer Natalie Redding, as she juggles her many farm animals and her family of five children with her husband Sean.  Leaving a first-class life in the city for a sheep farm in the country, Natalie relies on her 200-animal flock, shearing their wool for profit. With her “Mr. Mom” husband Sean at her side, Natalie balance her farm business and deals with the daily impacts it has on her family. But it’s a risky trade, as one wrong decision could not only kill an animal, but could cost her the entire business.

Shear Madness, Natalie Redding

Shear Madness, Natalie Redding

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