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Five Things Not To Do During Spinzilla 2014!

This is so funny! I played with Spinzilla 2013. In the week of spinning I spun 3,062.5 yards/1.74 miles. I’m looking forward to playing this year.

My “Things not to do during Spinzilla” is to start a new online store. My store in question is


Spinzilla was so much fun. It was also quite a personal challenge. Spin as much as you can for a week, doesn’t sound hard, does it? It wasn’t, but it did require some plotting and scheming. Life keeps throwing distractions at you, however, it was Spinzilla week—nothing could be allowed to interfere! It was a whole week of spin, spin, and better spin some more. It was just wonderful.

Now that we are seriously planning Spinzlla year two, I am looking back to see what worked and what didn’t. I can see where I made some mistakes. So here are 5 things I will NOT do during Spinzilla 2014.

1. Don’t have a house guest! Please understand, she was a lovely guest, but, poor thing, she saw nothing but my spinning wheel go round. I was a terrible host and I felt really guilty. Not guilty enough to stop spinning…

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