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Woodland Walk

on 2014/05/15

This is one of the things that I’ve been working on lately.  It started out as a roving that I bought from Edgewood Garden Studio on Zibbet. I just “happened” to be perusing spinning fiber purveyors on Zibbet. And I came across this roving.  After a few days of visiting it, I finally bought the roving on April 3rd.  I started spinning it on April 14th and finished on May 12th.  Out of 4.2 oz of wonderful fiber, I managed to squeeze out 1,115 yards of a 2 ply lace weight yarn.  NOW the big question is…what am I going to do with it?  Make a lace shawl?   Make a lace dress?  Sell it as a monster skein of yarn?  I just don’t know at this time.


Time for the close up.

Woodland Walk finished 1115 yd CU

This is how it all started.

Woodland Walk 1






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