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How Etsy Raped America

on 2015/05/11

A good and truthful read about Etsy.  I stopped selling on Etsy October 2013 when they announced they were allowing re-sellers on their site.  The writing was on the wall.  I’ve moved over to Zibbet.  Yes, I was one of the multitudes who crashed Zibbet’s site at the time.   I still have my stores on Zibbet, but haven’t been promoting them much.  I’ve been busy with custom orders because of the promotion of my Zibbet stores.  This is a good thing!

Etsy…well…I have to admit that I shop there, but only with a select few purveyors of spinning fiber.  Because that is the ONLY place where they have stores.  If the shops had their stores elsewhere, I would spend my money there.

As a former registered representative and financial consultant, if I still had my licenses, would I advise my clients to invest in Etsy stock?  In a word, no!  Etsy cannot keep doing what they are doing and still remain solvent.  Even with the new option of some select shops going wholesale.  They are a bad deal all the way around…for the sellers and the buyers.

How Etsy Raped America.

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