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Help Make the Worlds Largest Christmas Stocking

on 2015/06/22
Help make the world's largest Christmas stocking.

Help make the world’s largest Christmas stocking.

To all the knitters and crocheters out there, here’s a way you can help some kids out for Christmas.  Yes, I’ve checked the calendar…it’s June.  Here’s the skinny.  Caron United and joined forces with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation to make the Worlds Largest Christmas Stocking.  For every skein of Caron yarn, 15 cents will be donated to the Children of Fallen Patriots.  After everything has been completed.  The stocking will be disassembled and the blankets will be given to military charities.

To find out more information you can go here.

Doing something like this isn’t so foreign to me.  Many years ago I participated in another Worlds Largest stocking.  Here’s the skinny on that endeavor.

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