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Greetings to One and All!

Well there’s one saying that my Mom’s Dad, my Bedstefra (grandfather) would say, “Change is something you can always depend on. Nothing will stay the same.” Well that’s my life. If you want to make GOD laugh, tell HIM your plans.

Well everyone knows that 2020 sucks. I was laid off from the 2 jobs I was working 70 hours a week. My DBF Mom, ended up in the hospital on Wed., June 3rd with a heart issue. If it wasn’t for me pushing the doctor to check her heart, she would have been dead by Saturday. Word to the wise…if someone says they can’t catch their breath or they are having a hard time breathing…get them to the ER immediately. Now Mom is doing well and I’m keeping an eagle eye on her and Dad who had dementia.

So in between losing my jobs and now. I’ve been busy. I’ve started writing knitting and quilting patterns again. There will be a 2020 NYE Mystery Quilt where? Right here! The fabric requirements will be posted early November. The written and video clues will be posted here on New Year’s Eve morning.

Recently a 26# bundle of undyed yard ended up on my doorstep all the way from the UK. It is some of the most luxuriously soft wool yarn that I’ve every come across. You know that some colors need to go on that yarn. And yes, they will be for sale.

I’ve taken online courses on how to do You Tube videos. I’ve spent more money on camera and equipment this summer than I have for the last 2 decades. If you told me 10 years ago that I would be filming, editing and uploading videos to You Tube, I would have told you that you were NUTS. Yesterday, I’ve just uploading my 4th video to You Tube on 26# of undyed yarn that I’ve received from the UK. This is some of the softest wool that I’ve touched. I’m an aspie. I don’t like anything scratchy. The way I figure it, if I don’t like it neither would my customers. My channel is Susie Rose Designs. Here’s my first video. You got to start somewhere.

TTFN! That’s Ta Ta For Now!

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