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2020 NYE Mystery Quilt – Fabric Requirements

on 2020/11/21

Well, it’s getting to that time again. What time you ask? New Years Eve Mystery Quilt time, of course. I’ve designed a new quilt just for this event. The first clue will drop at 3 am Las Vegas time on Dec. 31st. The mystery will use 2 different fabrics – Color A and Color B. Color A needs to be a dark fabric. Color B needs to be a light fabric. You can make it scrappy in lights and darks. If you have a dark fabric that has a large print you can use it for Fabric A. The quilt without borders will be 48″x 60″/122cm x 152cm. With the borders the quilt will be 60″x 72″ / 152cm x 183cm. The PDF for the fabric requirements, cutting directions and pre-sew is available at this link. Yes you need to pre-sew some half square triangles.

2020 NYE Mystery Fabric Requirements, cutting and pre-sewing directions:

The video for this will be premiering on Nov. 21, 2020 at 6 pm Las Vegas aka Los Angeles time. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments here or at the YouTube video.

2020 New Years Eve Mystery Quilt – Fabric Requirements

TTFN – That’s Ta Ta For Now.

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