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2020 NYE Mystery Quilt – Clue 2

on 2020/12/31

The 2020 NYE Mystery Quilt has started! Here’s the video for Clue 2. The dropbox link to the directions for clue 2 you can find in the description of the video. Have fun!

2 responses to “2020 NYE Mystery Quilt – Clue 2

  1. Kathryn Collins Cookson says:

    We used up all of our half squares triangle units in step 1 ! We have none left for step two. Disappointed there’s a mistake so early!


    • susierose says:

      Hi Kathryn,
      My test quilters (all 4 of them) didn’t have a problem with the HST. Did you make a total of 80 HST? There are 20 stars and each one uses 4 HST. In the cutting/pre-sewn directions it does say that you will need a total of 80 HST. I always put in how many of each unit you will need.
      Susie Rose


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