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2020 NYE Mystery Quilt – Clue 5

on 2020/12/31

The 2020 NYE Mystery Quilt has started! Clue 5 is the last clue of my 2020 NYE Mystery Quilt. I hope you have enjoyed making the quilt. Here’s the video for Clue 5. The dropbox link to the directions for clue 5 you can find in the description of the video. Have fun!

2 responses to “2020 NYE Mystery Quilt – Clue 5

  1. vivoaks says:

    Help! I can’t find the “description” of the video or a link to the clues! Obviously I’m the only stupid one, because nobody else has commented…. Can you please direct me to the clues? Thanks for your help.
    wvoaks at comcast dot net


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