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2015 NYE Mystery Clue #5

Question Marks

Here’s clue #5.

2015 NYE Mystery Clue #5


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2015 NYE Mystery Clue #4

Question Marks

Here’s the link to clue #4 for our mystery quilt.

2015 NYE Mystery Quilt clue #4

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2015 NYE Mystery Quilt Clue #3

Question Marks

Here’s clue #3 for our mystery.

2015 NYE Mystery Clue #3


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2015 NYE Mystery Quilt Clue #2

Question Marks

Here’s clue #2 for our mystery.

2015 NYE Mystery Quilt Clue #2


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2015 NYE Mystery Quilt

Question Marks


It’s that time of year again!  It’s the 2015 New Year’s Eve Mystery QAL.  (Quilt-A-Long)

If you are not familiar with a mystery quilt, let me explain.  The fabric requirements and cutting directions are posted.

On the day of the mystery, at the pre-set time the host/hostess has pre-determined, the first clue of the mystery is posted.  Then the frenzy of sewing begins.

Since I was tapped at the last minute and didn’t have time to design a pattern.  Here’s the link to the first clue and fabric requirements.

2015 NYE Mystery Clue #1

Fabric & Cutting Requirements

Click to access jelly-roll-mystery-clue-1.pdf

Click to access jelly-roll-mystery-clue-1.pdf



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Help Make the Worlds Largest Christmas Stocking

Help make the world's largest Christmas stocking.

Help make the world’s largest Christmas stocking.

To all the knitters and crocheters out there, here’s a way you can help some kids out for Christmas.  Yes, I’ve checked the calendar…it’s June.  Here’s the skinny.  Caron United and joined forces with Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation to make the Worlds Largest Christmas Stocking.  For every skein of Caron yarn, 15 cents will be donated to the Children of Fallen Patriots.  After everything has been completed.  The stocking will be disassembled and the blankets will be given to military charities.

To find out more information you can go here.

Doing something like this isn’t so foreign to me.  Many years ago I participated in another Worlds Largest stocking.  Here’s the skinny on that endeavor.

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How Etsy Raped America

A good and truthful read about Etsy.  I stopped selling on Etsy October 2013 when they announced they were allowing re-sellers on their site.  The writing was on the wall.  I’ve moved over to Zibbet.  Yes, I was one of the multitudes who crashed Zibbet’s site at the time.   I still have my stores on Zibbet, but haven’t been promoting them much.  I’ve been busy with custom orders because of the promotion of my Zibbet stores.  This is a good thing!

Etsy…well…I have to admit that I shop there, but only with a select few purveyors of spinning fiber.  Because that is the ONLY place where they have stores.  If the shops had their stores elsewhere, I would spend my money there.

As a former registered representative and financial consultant, if I still had my licenses, would I advise my clients to invest in Etsy stock?  In a word, no!  Etsy cannot keep doing what they are doing and still remain solvent.  Even with the new option of some select shops going wholesale.  They are a bad deal all the way around…for the sellers and the buyers.

How Etsy Raped America.

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Fan of the Century Revisiting the Lady of Lace

Lace bobbin lace fan made in silk.

Lace bobbin lace fan made in silk.

I love making lace.  Lot of it!  All kinds of different techniques.  My favorite is bobbin lace.  Here’s a lady, Janya Sugunnasil, that has taken it to a new art form.  Now this article was published last year but I just came across it today.


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Ten things you shouldn’t say when pricing handmade items

Food for thought.

Life's Big Canvas

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Fascinator by Janine Basil by Janine Basil

I’ve been giving advice this week on pricing handmade items for selling. Not on purpose, just because it’s cropped up a couple of times. Working in a shop where people sell handmade items means it’s something which is bound to come up.

When I started selling handmade items, advice was thin on the ground. I tried reading some things online, but never really had someone to talk to in person. I also didn’t realise that my lack of knowledge was holding back my business, because people were bitching about me not being able to price properly behind my back, instead of just telling me what I was doing wrong, and I was missing opportunities.

This is why when I now…

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Any UFOs hanging around?

Store CollageHello to One and All!

UFO = Un Finished Object

I’m not talking about shiny spacecraft with little gray ETs with large black eyes. If you are a creative individual like me, you dabble in a variety of creative outlets. Some of what I do are spinning, weaving, knitting, bobbin lace making, quilting and a whole host of other creative outlets.

I know what it’s like to start a project and life happens. You have to put down that project and start another for a gift, or most of the time in my case, work on a project for a client. Since I have sooo many UFO’s, there’s 221 on my UFO spreadsheet (well that’s the ones that got entered and that I will admit to…at least right now), one of my goals for the new year is to complete at LEAST 12 UFO’s from now till December 31, 2015

Some years back I formed a Yahoo group called UFO12for12. The idea of the group, is to join in the camaraderie and help urge others (being each other’s cheerleaders) in completing that UFO that has been languishing in the back of a closet or shed that hasn’t seen the light of day for eons.

You don’t have to be the Queen of UFOs like I am. (hangs head in shame) All are welcomed into this group. It doesn’t matter what medium that you work in OR how many, or few, projects that you need to complete.

Come join the fun!!

Just take the first step. You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. – MLK


Susie Rose

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