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Fan of the Century Revisiting the Lady of Lace

Lace bobbin lace fan made in silk.

Lace bobbin lace fan made in silk.

I love making lace.  Lot of it!  All kinds of different techniques.  My favorite is bobbin lace.  Here’s a lady, Janya Sugunnasil, that has taken it to a new art form.  Now this article was published last year but I just came across it today.


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On your mark! Get set! GO!!!

I finally made the plunge.  I started my own blog.  Some of the things I hope to do is:  the fiber stuff I play with (weaving, spinning, lace making, quilting and a host of other things) include some tutorials of the fiber arts stuff I do, business mentoring and a wide variety of goodies.  If you want to see some of what I do go to either one of my stores:  or Foods .

Not much for a start.  But it is a start.

The pic is taken last winter during a sunrise while a snow cloud was rolling in.


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